Traffic Light Framework


Yogabee will be operating under the Traffic Light Restrictions from 3 December, 2021.

Class sizes will be limited to ensure that we have sufficient 1 metre spacing. Please book your class to ensure that you can reserve your spot in the studio.

From 3 December, when the Traffic Light System takes effect and in order to operate legally, Yogabee will only be able to invite those with a Vaccine Pass to practice at the studio.


Bookings + Check in

Our booking system will remain in place and for Yogi’s with a Vaccine Pass, you can either bring this along with you to scan before your next class, or you can email a screenshot to and this will be stored under your account.

When arriving, please wear your mask into the studio – These can be removed once we begin our practice. You must scan or sign in. There will be check in posters displaying a QR code that you can scan with your smart phone camera. If you’re on the phone free vibe, that’s cool, I can check you in via the register before entering the studio.

What to bring

Yogis’ are encouraged to bring a mat from home and this is optional. Studio mats and props are always disinfected after each use.


Yogabee will operate as a cashless studio. Bookings can be made through the Momoyoga app or register here.

Bee Safe

Please either wash or sanitise your hands before entering the studio and practice keeping a 1 metre social distance from other Yogis’. There is hand sanitiser everywhere at Yogabee and soap and paper towels in the bathroom. I got you.

Bee Mindful

Please be patient as we adjust and find our flow. Embrace the change and BEE MINDFUL of fellow Yogis’. 

Bee Well

Please remember to stay at home and take care of yourself if you are feeling unwell. We’ll see you back soon.


Yogabee Bee Kind

72 St. Hill Street, Whanganui