I know that tearing up during a Yin Yoga practice is a thing. Throughout my teacher training I’d heard of students having what is called an ’emotional release’ during a Yin Yoga practice. I know what to expect when teaching a Yin class and I know how to take care of my students if this is to happen to them during their practice. What I didn’t know is how it actually felt to experience an emotional release during my practice. Until now.

Yogabee Paschimottanasana

Firstly, don’t freak out. Yoga is a safe space and if this type of thing is to happen to you during a class, you can find total comfort in knowing that you are not alone and it’s totally ok (even encouraged) for you to feel what you feel and go with it. No expectations, no judgement. Everyone is practicing for their own reasons. Own yours.

I settled into my usual Friday evening Yin practice having no idea that I could have possibly been holding on to anything mentally or physically. 

Slipping into stillness in Sphinx pose is where I felt it. My heart was open, I could breathe deeply and then in happened. The tears. I’m not just talking a few little droplets, I’m talkin’ full tears here. 

Although I was confused at first, I didn’t hold back. I just went with it and experienced the moment exactly as it was. It was raw and it was real. It was my own and it felt good to allow myself to let it be.

But why did this happen? I meditate daily, I keep a journal and I feel pretty in tune with my Self. So what’s up?

This, I do not have the answer for. This, I am willing to explore. My journal is full of questions that have just poured out of me after this experience and I am fascinated by the journey ahead. 

Yin Yoga is such a personal practice and every single human feels it differently. Making the time to spend with our Self, for our Self.

It’s quiet, we’re still. There is nowhere else to go but inside ourselves to see what’s up. This turning inward and sitting with it is what can really open the doors to what we are really feeling inside. What emotions or feelings we may have built up that we miss noticing on the daily. 

Is it physical? Or is it mental? An emotional release can occur even in those moments of working into an area of the body where you might be holding, gripping or resisting through fear or bringing more mindfulness into our everyday living.

These are the moments that we need to allow ourselves feel what we feel. Be it joy, inspiration, sadness or even an unknown release of energy or emotion. Own it. Know that it’s ok and let it be an insight into your Self. Ask more questions. Explore and enjoy the ride.

This is the beauty of our practice Yogis’. It’s our own. Your practice is all yours.