Mindful yoga practice every week

Yogabee is a sacred space designed to provide a serene and peaceful environment for practicing Yoga and cultivating inner harmony. Our space serves as a refuge from the external world, allowing you to disconnect from distractions and reconnect with yourself on a deeper level.

breathe | move | meditate

No matter where you are on your yoga journey, our sanctuary provides a supportive community that embraces and celebrates individual growth.

Catering to both beginners and experienced yogis. Beginners receive guidance and modifications for a comfortable practice, while experienced practitioners can explore and deepen their practice through diverse classes.

Join our supportive community and experience the nurturing power of yoga in a safe and non-judgemental environment.

Our Classes

Anahata | Heart Chakra icon

Aurora Rising Vinyāsa

Beginner-friendly with advanced options, this gentle morning flow awakens body and mind, cultivating calmness and presence.

Mandala icon

Vinyāsa Yoga

For all levels, blend movement and mindfulness in graceful vinyāsa sequences, cultivating inner awareness, strength, and balance.

Vinyāsa Flow

A fluid practice combining asāna (postures) with prāṇāyāma (conscious breathing) to cultivate strength + flexibility leaving you feeling energised and connected.

Lotus icon

Yin Yoga

For all levels, long-held poses relax muscles and target connective tissues, cultivating flexibility and inner peace, perfect for active lifestyles or meditation seekers.

What students are saying

Can’t recommend Yogabee highly enough. Tash runs beautiful classes in a beautiful space 💞✨🌸
- Courtney
Went for the first time tonight and I can say I will definitely be back! Was instantly put at ease, Tash definitely knows her stuff and the hour flew by. I look forward to my next session ❤️
- M
Wow yogabee is amazing Tash is amazing. I suffer from PTSD and anxiety and since going to yogabee my mind is calm. It is completely refreshing and having the support from Tash is breath taking. Highly recommend
- Whitney