• Sonic Tonic Sound-Bath with Yee Ley Lau Saturday, 19 September, 4:00pm - 5:30pm, $25

    Sonic Tonic Sound BathBathe in sound-scapes lovingly crafted to nourish your entire being.

    Yee Ley collaborates with many beings of light and uses her voice and an array of specially selected instruments to create a sound-scape bringing through energies that are relevant for the group in that moment. She brings a symphony of possibilities for all beings who are present and ready to receive.

    What happens in a session?

    Participants are usually laying down fully clothed on a mat and supported with comfortable cushions and head-rests and wrapped up in a blanket in the cooler months. Participants can also be seated if that is more comfortable for the person.

    The session opens with a guided meditation to create synergy of the groups energies. Then the sound-scapes will be created according to the group dynamics. This is more than an auditory experience – it is like receiving a massage with sound.

    How will I feel during a sound-bath?

    Everyone is different and so will have a their own unique experience. The most common sensations people report is that they feel more relaxed, and that they feel lighter during and after a session and that they were able to release the ‘monkey-mind’ they have not been able to do when they meditate on their own.

    People have said that they were able to release deep emotions with ease and for some, relieve some aches and pains they had been experiencing prior to coming to the session.

    It’s suggested that people have an intention for the sound-bath, even if that is to enjoy the sounds. Most people use it as a way to meditate.

    It is never known how it is going to show up for people in a session. Yee Lay always intends to be a contribution to each an every person in the group.

    How long is the session?

    The sound bath session lasts for about 1 hour to 1 hour 30 mins (including guided meditation into and out of the session). So it is important that you are comfortable for the duration of the session.

    What shall I bring?

    – Your own mat or blanket if you wish
    – Any other cushions for support if you wish – you want to be as comfortable as possible

    What are the instruments used?

    Quartz Crystal singing bowls
    Alchemy singing bowls
    Tibetan bowls
    Reverie Harp
    Quartz crystal pyramids
    Koshi Chimes
    Native indian style flute
    Hand drum


    Deep relaxation
    Reduced levels of stress
    Increased sense of calmness and tranquility
    Sense of energy body alignment & balancing
    Integration of energy changes
    Sense of light being encoded into the bodies
    Shifting & releasing energies
    Awakening & remembering more of oneself
    Ease with body changes
    Ability to access one’s inner knowings with ease
    and more

    About Yee Ley

    Yee Ley is a Sound Healer, Intuitive and Facilitator of Possibilities. She provides transformational classes and sessions in New Zealand, UK and Hong Kong. She is here to be the contribution to the change and choice you wish to see in your world.

    For more information

    $25 per person

    Bookings are essential.