• Yin Yoga & Sound Bath - Bliss Out with Tash & Yee Ley Lau Sunday, 2 May 1pm - 4pm

    Yogabee Yin Yoga and Sound BathThe sweetest combination to induce pure bliss on a Sunday afternoon.

    Experience peaceful Yin Yoga with Tash followed by Sound Bath with Yee Ley Lau.

    Yin and sound are like medicine for our modern world.

    You’ll enjoy 45 minutes Yin Yoga followed by 45 minutes Sound Bath in Shavasana (lying down in full resting position). Bathe in sound-scapes lovingly crafted to nourish your entire being.

    Healing Vibrations
    When combined with sound vibration, Yin Yoga becomes a powerful practice to assist that part of the body which is vibrating out of harmony back to return to its natural frequency and return to a state of health. The sonic vibrations can dissolve physical and emotional obstruction, while stimulating the free flow of life-force energy throughout the whole being.

    What to bring:
    A cushion for behind your head if you wish + anything else to make your nest comfortable, bring your drink bottle and wear warm layers. Mats, bolsters, blocks and blankets are provided and please feel free to bring your own.

    There will be organic teas (by Libertine Blends) and raw treats (by Simp-Leigh Raw) to follow our bliss session and we’ll create a little time and space for sharing and chats.


    Yee Ley LauAbout Yee Lay

    Weaver of sound, intuitive and facilitator of possibilities. Yee Ley of HK Chinese descendant was born in London, UK.

    A spiritual awakening in her thirties dramatically changed Yee Ley’s life path where energy medicine entered her world. With a background in IT Business Analyst, this shift in consciousness enabled her to create a lighter way of living and it sparked a thirst for wanting to know more.  This intrepid explorer of consciousness, now provides transformational sessions and classes across the globe for those that are looking for a lighter way of living. Inspired by her teachers and her team of light, she has developed her own sound healing style and range of voice alchemy classes.

    Yee Ley has been living in New Zealand since 2014 after hearing the call from the ‘land of the long white cloud” Aotearoa, to access and anchor the higher harmonics that are now available. Her target is to invite people to know that change and choice IS possible and to provide experiences that invite light into people’s lives so that they can make inspired choices that generate a greater way of living.

    Yee Ley collaborates with many beings of light and uses her voice and an array of specially selected instruments to create a sound-scape bringing through energies that are relevant for the group in that moment. She brings a symphony of possibilities for all beings who are present and ready to receive.


    About Yin Yoga (with Tash)

    Yin is a quiet, meditative practice and will work wonders for the hips and lower body. Yin is magical for building lasting flexibility, improving range of motion, strengthening joints, calming the nervous system and reducing stress and anxiety.

    At a Yogabee Yin class, you can expect a sweet series of long held floor poses (3-5 minutes) designed to completely relax the muscles to work deep into the layers of fascia (connective tissue) in the body.

    We will use props throughout our practice (bolsters / blankets / blocks) to ensure that we can fully connect with our three Principles of Yin:

    – Finding our edge
    – Being still
    – Holding the pose

    Yin gives you the time to balance the opposites and stimulate the flow of chi (energy) throughout, allowing you to get to know yourself, tune in and let go.

    Spaces are limited. Bookings are essential.

    Please email Tash ( if you have any questions or have a chat at the studio.

    Cost is $49 per person

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