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Vinyāsa Yoga

Vinyāsa Yoga is a dynamic style that emphasises the connection between physical postures (asānas), breath control (prānayāma), and meditation. Derived from the Sanskrit term "nyāsa," meaning "to place," and the prefix "vi," meaning "in a special way," Vinyāsa signifies a mindful and intentional flow of movements, creating a harmonious blend of breath and motion. In a Yogabee Vinyāsa Yoga practice, you can expect a series of asānas linked together in a graceful, continuous flow, synchronised with the breath. This creates a smooth and meditative practice, distinct from the faster-paced Vinyāsa Flow. The practice helps build strength, flexibility, and balance while encouraging mindfulness and breath awareness. Suitable for practitioners of all levels, Vinyāsa Yoga offers a balanced practice that supports physical health and spiritual well-being through mindful movement and breath. It’s an excellent choice for those who appreciate a little structure and alignment, while enjoying the fluidity of a gentle flow.

Vinyāsa Flow

Vinyāsa Flow, is a dynamic and fluid practice centred around a series of asānas, connected seamlessly through an unbroken sequence of breath guided transitions. Translated from Sanskrit, "Vinyāsa" simply means "to place in a special way".
In a Vinyāsa Flow class, you will be guided through a sequence of asānas, each thoughtfully coordinated with specific breath patterns. The transitions between each asana harmonises with every inhale and exhale, cultivating a continuous and serene flow.
The integration of breath and movement emcompasses a meditative and physically demanding practice, to support enhanced strength, flexibility, balance, and heightened body awareness.
Vinyāsa Flow is celebrated for its imaginative and dynamic qualities, attracting those seeking an active and invigorating yoga practice. Vinyasa Flow is suitable for intermediate and advanced yoga practitioners seeking a physically challenging, creatively sequenced, and stress-relieving practice. It's adaptable for different levels, although may not ideal for a complete beginner.

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Yin Yoga is a serene and meditative practice that works wonders for the hips and lower body. Offering the body a way to cultivate lasting flexibility, improve range of motion, strengthen joints, calm the nervous system, and reduce stress and anxiety.

During a Yogabee Yin class, you will experience a gentle and soothing series of long-held floor poses, each held for 3-5 minutes. These poses are specifically designed to deeply relax the muscles and target the layers of fascia (connective tissue) in the body. Throughout the practice, we will utilise props such as bolsters, blankets, and blocks to support and enhance the connection to your practice.

Yin Yoga provides you with ample time to harmonise opposites and stimulate the flow of chi (energy) throughout your being. It offers an opportunity to intimately connect with yourself, tune in to your inner wisdom, and let go.